Fairy Tale Unison Raid Trailer

FairyTail is set to be released in North America
PS4/Switch: 7/31/20
PC: 7/30/20

The story picks up at the conclusion of the popular Tenrou Island arc. Tenrou Island is known as holy ground to the FAIRY TAIL guild, a collection of mages who fight for glory and honor, and have now gathered together for a promotion ceremony to see who will become the next S-Class Mage. But after a frightening premonition comes true and the guild is ambushed by the evil Hades, the heroes jump into battle, launching an adventure that will take them from Tenrou Island to the Tartaros arc and beyond as they attempt to restore the FAIRY TAIL Guild to their rightful place of prominence.

We’re introducing a collection of all-new unison raids specially designed for the game by FAIRY TAIL creator and mastermind, Hiro Mashima. These powerful magic attacks chain together some of the most spectacular spells the guild has to offer.

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