Foxhole Launches First Major Update

As the holidays approach, Clapfoot is proud to give their persistent War MMO Foxhole its first major update. This free update features fully realized urban warfare, complete with tanks, super weapons, and conflict-changing content to let hundreds work together to shape the outcome of this persistent war. To celebrate this release, Foxhole is available today for a 40% discount. It’s in Early Access on Steam, and every player can have an impact on this world that is in a constant state of war. To succeed armies of players must work together to acquire resources, build vehicles, and run supply lines to keep the frontlines well equipped. This update, entitled “Foundation of War” has the following new features.

Foundation of War Update includes:

  • Urban Warfare – Fully realized town environments that have been built from the ground up, taking urban warfare to a new level. Players can now enter the interior of buildings to take cover or climb on top of ruined houses to gain a high ground advantage, resulting in prolonged street battles. Abandoned buildings can be garrisoned and built into mortar emplacements or outposts, providing even more tactical options for town sieges.
  • Battle Tanks – The heaviest armored vehicle to date, the Battle Tank requires a crew of 5 to operate and a strong supply line to deploy effectively. This devastating machine of war introduces the unique role of the tank engineer, that is tasked with repairing and ammunition management.
  • Ballistic Rocket Super Weapon – Reactivate ancient Ballistic Rocket Sites in the world. These end game super weapons demand the highest level of team effort to achieve, requiring logistics, recon, and combat roles to all work together. Rockets are capable of levelling entire towns, permanently changing the landscape of war.
  • Visual Overhaul – Every square kilometer of the world has been recreated with higher fidelity assets, improved lighting, and densely populated environments, creating a richer battlefield.
  • Ammunition Factory – New unique factories have been added to the world that are capable of producing specialized shells for tanks. Factions that capture and hold these strategic objectives in the world will be able to add high explosive, armor piercing, and shrapnel tank shells to their arsenal.

    Foxhole has an amazing community and this free update is our way of thanking everyone who has continuously shaped what our game is and will be,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Clapfoot. “Every day we are surprised by how our community interacts with each other and we can’t wait to see what they do with all the new content.”

    Since launching into Early Access, Clapfoot has added a bevy of key features to create one of the best war experiences possible. Other major updates since release include:

  • World Conquest Mode – The ultimate game mode that allows more than 1,000 players to connect to and fight in a persistent war that lasts for weeks. Individual regions of the world are now connected end to end, creating one giant battlefield that includes over 100 hand crafted towns and villages.
  • Amphibious warfare – Build fleets of ships and launch beach invasions to claim towns on distant shores. Amphibious vehicles include Gunboats, Cargo Ships, Barges and Landing APCs.
  • New Technologies – Research a technology tree that now includes over 50 weapons, vehicles, and structures including the Armored Car, Sniper Rifle, Radio Backpack, Anti-Tank Rifle, and More!
  • Player Operations – Create your own missions and execute them with a large operation group using new map tools and in-game team voice chat.
  • WarAPI – A new service that allows the persistent war to be tracked in real-time through community-built websites without the need to enter the game.

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