Killing Floor 2 and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Are Free This Week on Steam

Two of Tripwire Interactive’s titles are free to play on Steam this week, and also have their first updates of 2019 to go with them. Starting today (March 26th), this will last until April 1st, 2019. This also runs alongside a Steam sale for Killing Floor, Rising Storm, and Red Orchestra titles.

Killing Floor 2 has the Cyber Revolt update, which features the new map, Spillway. This map has new weapons and cosmetics to offer a cyberpunk aesthetic to the game. Now annihilating zeds is even more thrilling with two new weapons, the Helios Rifle and the Killerwatt, along with other new content like music, achievements, and prestige enhancements. There’s also the limited-time event that runs until April 23rd.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has the Spring Map Update, which is now available on Steam. This brings three new maps to the franchise:

  • Apache Snow – A reimagining of classic map Winterwald from Red Orchestra 2
  • DMZ – Another reimagined Red Orchestra 2 classic based on Mamayev
  • Saigon – A popular community-made map that has been polished and made official



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