Killing Floor 2’s Summer Event is Back

Tripwire Interactive is proud to announce that Killing Floor 2‘s latest content update is live: Killing Floor 2: Back & Kickin’ Brass. This brings back the popular Summer Event for Killing Floor 2, along with a brass-load of new content. Tripwire is also celebrating with an extra-long free weekend, starting Thursday (June 20th) and ending on Tuesday, June 25th at 10  am PDT. There will also be a Steam Discount during that time, which can be found here.

A new game mode comes in this update, “Objective”, which brings unique animations, interface elements, environmental tasks, special effects, cinematics and much more to create a fresh narrative experience. A new map, Steam Fortress also arrives, which has two new weapons: The Seal Squeal and Medic Bat. The Summer Sideshow Zeds are also back, and the adventures of Lockheart continue, where players can assist Lockheart in repairing and refueling his rocket, in order to blast off and begin an assault on the moon!

There will also be new updates, such as the addition of prestige rank 5, and limited-time skins, objectives, and cosmetics to unlock. More info can be found on their microsite for the event.

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