Last Oasis Aims for Steam Early Access in 2020

Last Oasis made a huge announcement today, that they will be entering Steam’s Early Access program during Q1 2020. A new trailer was also shown off today, revealing this world trapped between a frozen wasteland and a bitter, unrelenting heat. Set thousands of years in Earth’s future, a cataclysmic event destroyed the moon and halted the planet’s rotation. Earth is stuck in two extreme, unlivable environments.

There is but one strip of land between the two, slowly moving as the Earth rotates around the sun. A single day is now a whole year, and the only way to make it is to keep moving. Humanity has built “Floatilla”, a walking city, where unwilling nomads will be sent into the passing oases from, to gather resources to keep the city moving. But clans clash in heated battle over resources, territory, and alliances. It’s not an easy life, but it’s the only one they have.

“At launch, we want the experience to stand out from other Survival games”, said Donkey Crew’s Project Lead, Florian “chadz” Hofreither. “That means taking more time to refine the gameplay and add more content. We’ve decided to continue improving the game alongside out community into 2020 to ensure Last Oasis reaches its full potential.”

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