Memories of Mars Reveals Unique “Seasons” Mechanic

505 Games and Limbic Entertainment have revealed more about the hostile surface of Mars that players will be exploring in advance of a closed beta that will be starting today for Memories of Mars. The unique Seasons system was revealed, which promises to set it apart from other survival titles. Death is inevitable, even for the most skilled of players, as the occasional catastrophic solar flare will wipe the planet’s surface of all life, and player-made infrastructures on an ongoing basis. Some talents and abilities learned in the seasons can be backed up and carried over with the cloning system, which will allow players to download previous memories of how to build and craft, in order to get a head start on other players in that season.

The closed beta will begin today and run through Sunday, May 20th, 2018, and select players will have an opportunity to be among the first to fight to survive and explore the dangers of the Red Planet in Memories of Mars.

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