Hitman 2 – Sean Bean Elusive Target Reveal

How appropriate that Sean Bean, master of dying valiantly in film stars in the Elusive Target Mission “The Undying” in Hitman 2? It releases on November 20th, and you only have ten days to...

Warriors Orochi 4 – Zhao Yun Character Spotlight

Zhao Yun is #3 in the Koei Tecmo Family’s “Favorite Character” poll for Warriors Orochi! Zhao Yun zi Zilong is proof that even the worst faction (Shu) can have one of the bravest wa...

Override: Mech City Brawl Unveils New Features

Override: Mech City Brawl revealed a new trailer today to show off the devastation that players can dole out to each other starting on December 4th, when it goes live. Whether solo or multiplayer, the...

Battlefield V: Official Single Player Trailer

Battlefield V‘s single-player campaign tells the untold stories of World War II. From resisting the German occupation of Norway to an unlikely English soldier sneaking behind enemy lines, it pr...

For Honor: Marching Fire Launch Gameplay Trailer

For Honor‘s most ambitious update yet is here, known as “Marching Fire”. It comes with a new faction, four new heroes, the new 4×4 Breach mode, visual upgrades, and unlimited si...

Soulcalibur VI – Feature Trailer

What incredible features await players who dive back onto the Stage of History? Find out in this Soulcaibur VI Feature Trailer.

Warriors Orochi 4 – Launch Trailer/Zhou Tai Trailer

The Gods continue to meddle in the affairs of man, creating the next chapter of the Warriors Orochi saga! Today we have the launch trailer, and the next of the character teasers, for the mighty Wu war...
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