Mega Man X Legacy Collection – PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Today we have some footage from the Mega Man X Legacy Collection on the PS4 iteration of the game! It’s time to witness the beginning of X journeying into a grim and dark world. One might even s...

Grimshade – Intro Trailer

Asterion Games and Talerock shared some details about their upcoming story-driven JRPG, Grimshade. It’s set in a  cataclysm-stricken world of Ree’Fah, where fear and anxiety are running w...

Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars Launch Trailer

Far Cry 5‘s next hot destination is on the Red Planet, with Lost on Mars. It’s now available, and it’s time to strap on your jetpack and shoot some Martian arachnids!

Official Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails Teaser

“Cursed Sails” is the second free update for Sea of Thieves has the dead setting sail for war against the living. Stock up on bananas, sharpen your steel and get ready to do battle with ho...
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