Sci-Fi Sandbox Survival ‘Dig or Die’ Announces Release Date

Gaddy Games have announced that their Terraria-inspired sandbox strategy title Dig or Die will have its final version released on Steam as of July 10th, 2018. Inspired by Terraria and Starbound, but with its own look, it offers a defense building system and a sci-fi universe to explore with a real objective for the player to pursue. It’s been in development for three years, and achieved an average of 91% positive reviews on Steam and will go on sale for 11.99. You play as a member of CRAFT & Co, and your latest contract is to accumulate resources in order to build a spaceship and get your way home. But when daylight fades away, horrific monsters will come out of hiding to clear you out of their domina. So it’s up to you to build up a defense, erect barricades and turrets to protect your holding from enemies.

“Dig or Die has received an incredible feedback from the community since we launched the Early Access. It has now scored an average of 91% positive user reviews out of 2430 total, and has sold over 160000 units on Steam. I’m so grateful to all the early adopters. They have made my indie developer dream come true, and I am looking forward to hear back from the fans at launch onJuly 10“, says Nicolas Gadenne, founder of Gaddy Games.

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