Skyforge’s ‘Firestarter’ Expansion Launch Trailer

Skyforge has a new update hitting PC and console this week, with the boiling-hot Firestarter expansion. This update arrives on PC today, Playstation 4 on September 4th, and Xbox One on September 5th, 2019. This update adds a new class, with the mighty Firestarter. Players will be able to harness their power to conjure fireballs, breath gouts of flame, trigger geothermal eruptions, and even unleash a cataclysmic hellstorm of meteors. If that’s not enough, you can even turn into a Fire Cat.

There is a new Elder God Form in this expansion, the “Aspect of Magic”. Players who have become fully-fledged can access Aspect of Magic, which is a new form to unlock when high divinity is achieved. Characters are surrounded by five Ether spheres, which activate special abilities that assist with ranged combat. Effective damage, enhanced crowd control abilities, harder-hitting attacks and more await with this mighty new form.

Firestarter has a new dungeon that is found on the planet Terra as well: Heart of the City! This unique dungeon will have randomly generated events and multiple branching paths, that can be unlocked with additional playthroughs. The adventure could lead to a confrontation with the Draconids, an expedition through a wrecked spaceship or a race to stop a deadly biological threat. There’s plenty of excitement here, and to unlock it, players must complete a series of Draconid quests on Terra.

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