Star Control Origins: Update 1.4 Is Now Available

Star Control: Origins has a new update dropping today, version 1.4, and with it comes some truly massive visual improvements. Alongside these are also performance enhancements, and starting today, players can see planets in an all-new light, with adjusted creature colors, improved terrains and more. The complete changelog can be seen below.

v1.4 Changelog


  • Updated planet surface textures to be more detailed.
  • A small improvement of the terrain rendering system to improve the frame rate.
  • Improved lighting of the planet surface
  • Improved the textures on many props (glowing tentacles, glowing mushrooms, bones )
  • Make the Bull critter appearance a bit brighter
  • Improved the lander texture to make the windows stand out better
  • Updated the magma hazard visual effect to improve performance


  • Listener orientation is no longer backward in a true 5.1 setup
  • Fix for some particles not being properly aligned to the surface
  • Fix for particle sorting and disappearing issue
  • Fixed several crashes related to the particle effects trying to escape the bounds of known reality.


  • The “Observers”  are now known as the “Arilou”

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