Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – The Hunter & The Beast Release Trailer

Total War: Warhammer 2 has released The Hunter & The Beast, a new Lords Pack. The DLC includes two new Legendary Lords: Markus Wulfhart (Huntsmarshal’s Expedition) and Nakai the Wanderer (Spirit of the Jungle). Each has their own unique faction mechanics, quests, items, skill trees, and campaign.

The jungle-continent of Lustria lies west across the Great Ocean. The first men to land upon these shores, ransacked an ancient temple, filling their ships with golden treasures. Word spread of their wealth and others were eager to follow. Fuelled by greed, men of the Empire venture deeper into the jungle’s heart. The land of beasts, ravaged and plundered for its riches. It will not be without consequence. The jungle stirs. A cold-blooded fury rising to punish the invaders. In the Temple-cities of Lustria, the Lizardmen enact a ritual to call upon their mighty guardian. For the wanderer roams Lustria once more. The spirit of the jungle made manifest. A reckoning has come! Only the strongest will survive the coming bloodshed!

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