Winter is Coming to Dark and Light

Dark and Light - December + Future Content Trailer - YouTube

A large winter-themed update is coming right in time for the holidays, in Snail Games’ Dark and Light. There will also be a holiday discount (33% off) starting December 21st.  Each of the major cities will be redecorated for the winter holidays, with a festive atmosphere, presents, and some limited-time items. Krampus is lurking outside of Talos, Estel and Ironfast, attacking the unwary. He’s not to be tussled with alone though, or his snowman guards. Some exclusive, worthwhile items await the bold. New holiday Schemas have been added in the Decor Knowledge node. Just like Gobboween, any holiday items you craft will remain permanently after the event ends.

There are Dyes coming, and players can find a Paint Wand and several Dye Schemas in the Decor Knowledge node. Certain dyes will only be available from creature drops, or purchasable from vendors. City planning has been working on ways to optimize Archos’ major cities, resulting in the slum areas to be moved to the outskirts of the cities. Relocation areas are designated by a glowing indicator circle, so if you have any structures within an indicator circle, make sure to relocate before the next patch, or they’ll be automatically destroyed when the area changes. This will be the last city rearrangement for now, so feel free to set up shop anywhere around the city after the patch goes live.In addition, Carrots! Carrots can now be planted for consumption or used to craft new holiday items.

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