Zenith Celebrates Over 1000% Funding with a New Playable Race

Zenith is an upcoming indie VR game by Ramen VR, and they revealed the game has broken 1,000% funding, with 24 hours left to go. This campaign proves the appeal of being ale to play, socialize and create unique experiences in a cross-platform VR MMO. With this, Ramen VR tease a new Spellcasting video. The studio also released the first concept art for the new Mineko race, added in the game’s sixth funded stretch goal.

Zenith Mineko Race

The Mineko are a race of humanoid cat people from a distant land who will be playable in Zenith. They are distinguished by their cats’ eyes, pointed ears, and tails. They are, on average, the same height as humans, but they tend to be slender and more lithe, able to jump long distances and maintain their balance well. The Mineko Ballet is a popular Zenith attraction, for humans and Mineko alike.

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