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  • Developer:
    Free Reign Entertainment

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Shooter, Sim

Aftermath is a 3D a free to play survival horror game developed by Free Reign Entertainment and is in Open Beta for the PC. In Aftermath you can explore a vast world that is teeming with zombies, pushing the human race to extinction. You will need to either work with or against other players in both PvE and PvP content to stay alive. What is even better is that although there are purchasable packages and cosmetics, there is no paywall in Aftermath and every player can earn the same gear as the next! By building bases, collecting resources, crafting various items, and strategically planning your routes you can only hope to survive as long as possible!


Various Environments: Deserts, towns, and forests are all waiting to be found, but so are the zombies!

Survival Skills: You aren't here to just shoot a couple zombies and pick up some awesome weapons. You need to earn your survival by hunting, purifying water, and crafting medical devices!

Base Building: You can build up your very own base and outfit it with reinforced walls, mines, barricades, watch towers, and other such things to make it impenetrable!

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  • Romero’s Aftermath Open Beta Trailer

    Zombie survival horror sandbox shooter, Romero's Aftermath, hits open beta testing today with significant improvements from alpha. Can you survive a zombie

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