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    E.J. Thayer

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This game is a top-down 3D MMORPG. Descirption on website: The game is a lifelike simulation of living in a magical world. You can work to be the strongest, get a job, go on quests, work to own a castle and command armies, wage wars ect. You are in charge of what you wish to do or become in Xenimus.

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  • xen no more

    this game suck so f*&^%n bad DONT waste your time

    • Xenstillhere

      Whats the matter you pked and lose all your gear?? Little whiny badmouther this game is fun! Play it for over 10 years and still enjoy it, 14 years into the game and owner/programmer is still doing frequent updates to keep the current population happy.

  • Sky

    Anyone want to buy a working bot for this game?
    E-mail copperhaxor55@gmail.com

  • badbadbadgame

    This is a terrible game with a terrible gm. It had the worst community you can imagine. The only upside is the PvP mechanics which doesn’t matter because the game around that is so terrible. I would recommend running away from this game

  • Aridus

    Description is a dream of what Xenimus would be if it had a team of developers and 10 years time. You can’t command armies, you can barely own castles (it’s not that glorious) you can’t wage wars. It’s completely inaccurate.

    That being said, I want to address that the developer of this game is a megalomaniac and always puts himself first and screws over his players. The game is down to 30ish concurrent players now due to his bad decisions over time. Most recently he wiped all items people had acquired over years, with no notice.

    If you want to see how he treats his players, simply view the forums.

  • EJ_Thayer_Cant_Get_Gayer

    The people who complain can’t PvP or don’t understand that a 980 GTX card isn’t ALWAYS required…

  • Irvin hill

    Xenimus is full of racist players who call everyone fags niggers and spics the game developer does little to nothing about there behavior and ignores any email that is a complaint he has 0 active mods and hardly ever logs on in 15 years he has added some quests very few hunting areas and is still working on balancing classes which is about 90 percent of all updates