Vantage Master

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    Nihon Falcom Corporation

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This game is a completely free single player rpg simulation that allows you to play against your enemies via tcp/ip , serial, lan, etc.

"The most attractive point of Vantage Master is the element of simulation game. Vantage Master is basically a simulation RPG, but the cumbersome system of simulation RPG is reduced as much as possible.
The rule is very simple. To win the battle, all you have to do is reduce the enemy's HP to 0. You summon the spirit called NATIAL, which is divided into 4 attribute, earth, water, fire, and heaven. You always have to remember that 4 attributes are supirior and inferior to one another. Winning the battle requires lots of thinking. "

The graphics resemble the sprites found on the SNES, and reminds me alot of FF6. But hey, give it a try. It's totally free.

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