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Priston Tale 2 revolves around the different races in the world of Priston uniting to combat the demon god Midranda. There are two different races at this time (with a third race planned to be added in the future) and five different base classes. Once players have reached a high enough level they can select from a variety of sub-classes allowing them to specialize into a certain area more effectively. There are five main classes available in Priston Tale 2. These are; Warrior, Huntress, Knight, Disciple and Magician. These classes can then advance into more specific roles depending on the player's choice.

To craft items you must be a member of a crafting guild which you can join after you learn your first profession (at level 10). Once you have selected your craft guild you will be granted some basic recipes which require certain materials to be made. You can complete guild quests to earn contribution points, which allow you to learn more recipes.

Combat System
The combat system is based on real-time action. When you select a skill to use the character performs it instantly (provided the ability is not on cool down). You can also use the chain combo system to string together multiple attacks for a more powerful move.

In a guild you can join a group of likeminded people to enjoy the game with. You will find it easier to find groups, and can participate in some of the higher end game content that requires many players. You can also participate in clan warfare and zone control. There are five different crafting guilds in total, these include; Armor smith, Weapon smiths, Shield smiths, Accessory crafters and Alchemists.

Background Story
For centuries Midranda, the God demon, stood by watching as Priston's inhabitants fought relentlessly. He took pleasure in the Dantesque scene before him, as his hatred and the violence coming from those battles strengthened his dark powers. The chaos and destruction did nothing but increase his power more and more, in this way generating an army of monsters.
With time, the different Priston races: Tempskron, Morion and Sopphetios, abandoned fighting to build their own empires, complete with large cities, rich markets and magnificent palaces.
Midranda, jealous of the accomplishments of Priston's people and angry and weak due to his lack of fighting strength, starts plotting in order to unleash hatred and cause death once again. He decides to make the first move, convinced that everyone will react by turning on each other.
The destruction and terror brought on by the first waves of evil beings surprised everyone. The battle was hard and full of bloodshed, but leads to a surprising outcome: it unites the different races faced with the same threat.
During this fight, a group of heroes stands out among all the armies and is able to activate the only legendary weapon that can defeat Midranda: The enigma.
Now Midranda, his pride hurt from the turn of events, has activated his true final plan: unleashing a wave of unimaginable horrors on Priston to make people pay for their courage.
However, in reality the second enigma is the source of Midranda's dark powers and the answer to the enigma lies in Priston itself, its inhabitants and their ability to unite forces. There is no choice.
They must locate the second and true enigma to survive.

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