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Lords of Legend is a FREE Fantasy RPG turn based war game. It also is a multiplayer online game where you compete against thousands of other players. You can join a Clan and clan mates can teach you stratgies and you can work together to win the game.

To participate in the game you need to register an account which is FREE. When registering an account you will need to choose a race to start with. You will not be able to change races until the next game reset , so make your decision wisely. Different races have different advantages and disadvantages.

In Lords of Legend, you need to build an army and develop your settlement for improved soldiers and weapons.

Every 30 minutes a game turn takes place where you earn money and an attack point. The amount of money you generate is based on the population you have influence over. Your influence comes from the size of your army and the type of units you have.

Every day you earn more units that you can train. You can also buy mercenaries.

You can build and upgrade certain buildings according to your race. You can build a treasury, market, fortifications, and several other military buidling. This will enable you to make more powerful units and to purchase improved weapons giving your army attack and defense bonuses.

Attacking an enemy uses attacking points also know as AP which you earn 1 every game turn. The number of attack turns you use determines how much money you will plunder if you win. There are a couple ways to get some extra AP Attack Points, can you find them?

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  • @marhijn_

    hallo allemaal ik ben nieuw op dit spel

  • @marhijn_



    I can’t believe this game is no longer available. It was so good.