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The fragile balance between Darks and Lights is on the edge, strategic events are about to happen, Dark and Light Game Masters are ready to build with you a very active and addictive world.

Join us and discover the land of Ganareth!


  • No zones, no loading time, all players within the same world.
  • A medieval world of 15 000-square-mile of land (not including seas)
  • A complete, original and easy-to-use automated transportation and warp system.
  • Hot spot management system: wherever you are in the huge world of DnL, you can call for or be asked for help to conquest, fight, defend!

Dark and light is made of 2 factions, the Dark one and the Light one which fight each other to impose their own magic. In order to do so, they must convert all territories to the magic influence. Mana fountains which are ray cast sources become then strategic spots to protect or conquer.

Races and Classes
Each faction counts 12 races and 14 classes of characters. Beyond the 2 initial Kingdoms there are 10 Kingdoms to conquer, progressively difficult. Each of these Kingdoms has its own ambiance, fauna, flora and a specific climate.

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