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World of Pirates" is a "massive multiplayer" online game set in the Caribbean in the 17th century. Gameplay is based on trade, construction and strategy.

We are eager players and wanted to program a game since a long time. Only the selection of the topic was difficult. We decided for the historically caribbean scenario, because we didn't want to have another Fantasy-RPG. This scenario as a "massive multi player"-Online-World is excellent suitable. So we started the work in Winter 1999.


* Play as a simple goods dealer, pirate or head hunter, even beeing governor is possible.
* Build up your own fleet, upgrading ships to more advanced levels.
* Hire specialists like navigators, cooks or carpenters to support your fleet and gain advantage.
* Sword duells and sea fights
* Countless tasks to earn glory and gold
* Diplomacy between nations
* Thrilling conflicts between human players from all over the world

The character:

Each player can buildup up to 3 different characters by himself. By successful use of the abilities like sword fight, trade skill, navigation or weapon skill these abilities rise automatically (e.g. defeating a rival in the fencing fight or obtaining of high gains with the trade).

A direct occupation selection indeed does not exist, the state of the character is determined by its behaviour.

If you have choosed a nation, the game can start. If one remains faithful for its selected nation or not, this decides everyone for itself. But caution, one can't make it right for everyone. Each action has its own consequences.

In the city:

A new character always starts in a city. Here one cannot be attacked and may refresh its supplies in peace or simple recover from an exhausting journey. In the port tavern the sailors meets themselves for convivial gatherings.

An attendance with the governor is also always worthwhile itself. Is it to receive special jobs, by which one can attain fame and wealth, or gain a promotion for the services, carried out so far.

Other interesting meeting places are the dealer, who offers raw materials and goods, or the pub, in which one can hire new sailors.

In the dockyard there is everything available for the own fleet. So new ships can be built, used ships can be bought, or not needed own ones can be offered on the market. Such services as repair and development of ships are of course also acquirable.

And in the bank the wealth is best protected from envious people.

On high sea:

Of course the whole life does not take place in a city. Adventures calls, and therefore one have to leave the protecting refuge from time to time. On the journey between the cities many things can occur. Hopefully you are not attacked by pirates. Or are you perhaps a pirate and looking for new victims? The best pirates are able to attack and to rob whole cities. But caution, if then a head money is suspended on you. Then a merciless hunt will begin.

Should the supplies run low while being on sea, you can also trade with other ships, which are closed-by. But in spite of all problems on sea, it will not kill you. In the worst case you are suspended on a raft and, if nobody wants to take you onboard, you have to paddle into the next city by yourself. What a lucky man, which have still another small financial pad in the bank.

In order to hold an enemy ship on distance, the use of cannons is essential. Watch out that you do not sink the enemy ship by mistake, if you want to board it. However sunken ships leave wreackage, which you can search for useful things.

The sword fight:

If an enemy ship is boarded, or a city attacked, it comes to the fencing fight. You control your captain from a side view confronting the other captain. If you can successfully place hits, this causes damage on the rival and his moral is going to sink. If the damage on the rival is too excessive or his moral is too low, he will give up. In this case you win one of his ships or goods and gold respectively. If you have to give up however, you lose a ship with the corresponding goods and gold.

But be merciful, if your rival lost his last ship to you, release him on a raft. Then you also can count on mercy, if you going to be in such a situation.

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