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This is a free to play Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG) that was started in 2002. It is a modern day multi-genre text-based RPG adventure! You can be a warrior, a vampire, a supermodel, a ninja, an archaelogist, a mad scientist, even a Mafia gangster! However... Deep inside of you, you are discovering a hidden ego with amazing powers. From telekinesis, to warping, to fire control to an inherent night-vision ability. These powers will aid you in the war against evil (or good). You can go at it alone or as part of a team of superheroes (or supervillains).
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But this is not just about combat... You can be an expert in the fields of weaponry, medicine, construction, science, vehicles and lots more! And unlike other games where you get to play within certain limitations of the game world boundaries, there are no limits to what or where you can build in The King of Spades universe! Players and Game Masters have built cities and realms in and through the Earth (present and past), Atlantis, Hades, even in outer space!
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Join today and take part in boundless epic and endless adventures!

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