Quantum Legacy

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    Four Thirty One Interactive

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At the core of Quantum Legacy is a Persistent World, Massive Multiplayer, Real Time Strategy game. Those who choose to enter its world will fight for control of one planet split in three time periods.

While the Massive Multiplayer aspect is what may attract most users, standard "on time" Death-match and Co-op game modes as well as a complex Single Player story and gameplay are also available

The Game World:

The world of Quantum Legacy is both persistent and complex. It never sleeps, and the action never stops. Even if the players are not logged in, their units and buildings will stand ground and defend their territory.

The world can also be changed by the user to give strategic advantages, or simply to create catastrophic events. Lakes and bodies of water may be drained, polar ice caps can be melted to flood the enemy, and land can be eradicated with radiation to prevent all but the most resilient units from mining the resources. These are only a few of the possible actions that may be taken by the players.

More can be read on the site. This is a browser based game. There is nothing to download here b/c the game is browser based.

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