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The game is all about status, money and respect. Play as a pimp or join a crew. is a multi player online text based game that allows you to produce crack and buy ak-47s to hold down your city with. Your main goal is simple to make your crib tighter and badder than everyone elses to help you succeed in a world of Pimpin.

Players use turns to gain hoes, thugs, condoms, weapons, lowriders and more. Mack some hoes and put them to work. Make the biggest roll of dough and be declared the Mack-Daddy. Just watch out for other pimps as they try to put a beatdown on you and your shoes. A ho in the hospital dont earn you no dough! Rev up the chrome-caddy, dust off the purple suit and fedora, and make yourself some dough with the world’s oldest profession.

Of course you can always play for free... just don’t forget that you can purchase credits when you need them.

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