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A grandson of an elder, who traveled to find ancient prophecy to make Abaddon sleep, accomplished his mission by using the power of ancient prophecy after the bloody war. After Abaddon fell asleep, the two nations, Elvine and Aresden, finally seem to be resting in peace, much like warm spring after a cold winter. Both nations became more developed and economically in better condition through hard work of their citizens, those with power were drinking and singing without taking care of their people since there was no more war between the nations.

Time has passed by and…

Those citizens of both Elvine and Aresden who were sick and tired of murders and thefts left their nation, in searching for the new world. The princess of Elvine, Helien felt the responsibility of her people also left Elvine as she reproached her father. When Helien arrived on the west side of the Middle Land, she found unrevealed a castle, after known as hidden castle (Heldenian). The princess Helien tried to establish a new village around the castle for those people who left Elvine. However when the proprietor of Elvine knew about Helien and the hidden castle, he sent out his troops in capture the castle for Elvine.

In the same time, Aresden also received the news that Elvine sent out their troops to the hidden castle that Aresden also sent out their troops urgently to the Middle land. Elvine and Aresden faced each other on the west side of the Middle Land. They forget about the peace and once again, the long war is started upon avarices of both nations.

Game Features

  • Massive Multi-Player Role Playing Game.
  • Players are able to participate in massive scale battles between the two waring regions.
  • Wield mighty weapons as a warrior or cast powerful spells as a mage.
  • A massive world with cities, forests and huge underground dungeons.
  • Numerous unique characters, monsters, and other life forms.
  • A full-screen playing area with easily accessible menus and an intuitive user interface.
  • Customizable avatars - choose your gender, skin color, hair color, armor, etc.
  • Built in chat system where you can talk to everyone near you, your guild, party or whisper to a selected player.
  • Able to create or join a guilds to work together towards a common goal and to slaughter your foes in a group.
  • Sophisticated game engine, with a maximum of 4500 players able to connect and play per server.
  • Built in chat system where you can talk to everyone near you, your guild, party or whisper to a selected player.
  • Magic users can summon creatures to fight with them.
  • Dynamic game enviroment.

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