FreeWorld Online

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    David Blasdell

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A fully 3D MMORPG. Currently in Alpha testing but already with pets (riding, attacking, defending, training), full movement (walking/running/swimming/crouching), real time fight that uses a comfortable mouse interface (aiming with the bow, tension of the string or hit direction and strength defined by mouse movement/clicking), first crafting (lumberjacking that really makes the tree falls down and regrowth, ore mining, cooking, fishing), quests, skill based (skill gain by skill usage combined with level, every so often at level up you can spend points on one of the many available stats), 3D sound, weather (rain, fog, snowing), free movement (WASD or arrow keys or mouse), plant life changing according to seasons, complex characters status (hungry, thirsty, tired, so eat, drink, lay down at your blanket or set up your tent), intelligent GUI and chat system.

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