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Star Sonata is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game, where you captain a spaceship in a vast, hostile, and fascinating universe. Star Sonata provides a rich fabric in which the players create their own universe. Be a pirate, a trader, a bounty hunter, an explorer, a miner of asteroids. Construct your own space station, from a simple guarded outpost to a massive planet harvester.

- Space Trading Game. Discover profitable trade routes.
- Create "slave" ships to fight at your side or to run trade routes.
- Build bases to mine moons or planets, build items from blueprints, create and control colonies on suitable planets.
- Create a team and vie with other teams for universal dominance.
- Deploy drones either in the heat of combat or to protect your galaxies or trade routes.
- The ultimate prize: be crowned emperor and rule the universe!

Free Download, Free Play until level 20
The whole universe is open for free to players for an unlimited length of time, however, eventually you will hit level 20, past which a subscription is required to continue gaining levels.

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