Savage Eden: The Battle For Laghaim

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The ships of the armada, blood already shed within them, slipped past the great space station orbiting the planet. The United Nations had authorized the exodus from the planet in light of the catastrophic environmental changes. Peoples from all over the planet were gathered and placed in the massive ships as the first wave to depart left Earth's orbit. The "Gateway to Paradise" held 500,000 people and they were heading to a planet dubbed "Eden".

3D Graphic Interface

· Realistic full 3D Graphics

· Able to change the camera angle, zoom in and zoom out

· Amazing 3D special effects when magic spells or weapons are


Characters and Items

· Motions of game characters varies with the weapons they hold

· Various emotional expressions such as smiling, crying, clapping,

dancing, etc.

· Various equipment selection depending on the race and the era


· Cast a variety of spells

· Attack in groups

· They help one another

· Flying creatures

· Players can grow special monsters that help characters

· Flee when their vitality is low

· Don't be too frightened to see them jump out from the ground

Smooth Game Play

· The game characters' motions are very fluid

· Dynamic attacking motions and sound effects make battle actions


· The player can optimize their key configuration

· Using the keyboard and mouse, the interface can be made more

simple and convenient

Various Communities

· Organize massive guilds and establish a ranking system

· Build castles or employ guards with taxes collected from the guild


· Ally with other guilds or declare war

· Create a party to explore the dangerous areas (Experiences and

limes are automatically distributed to the party members)

· Text chatting is integrated into the game

Magnificent and Enormous World

· An expansive continent can support over 10 million players

· Game environment will change from day to night; Even the


· change in length based on the time during the day

· Changing weather, even the rainfall amounts

· Magical powers are influenced by the weather conditions

Item Production and Trading

· Player can produce specific items with a variety of materials

· Sell and buy items (Prices of items are influenced by the demand)

· Player can manage the vendor

· Players can buy pets that can gain experience levels. (Many kinds

of accessory items can be attached to the pets)

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