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Bushtarion is a free online multiplayer strategy war game which allows you to develop down an in-depth technology tree to gain access to new units and abilities, play as a solo or in an alliance with equal chances of success, battle it out across different ranking systems aiming for permanent places in the games portal history pages, go bounty hunting or become an evil player, and much more!

Choose from one of six finely balanced technology routes - protestors, thugs, military, robotics, special operations or fantasy, each with their own unique play-style and set of tactics. There are over 75 combinations of units you can develop through, offering a huge variety of playstyle and tactics - opening up different strengths and weaknesses. Units range from petrol bombers to terrorists, to snipers to assassins, to apaches to androids, humvees to huge robotic tyrannosaurs, zombies to sorcerers. There are more than 100 units available for you to have access to.

You can be defensive and develop immensely powerful immobile units like automated sentry turrets and bunkers, defending your land from most would-be attackers, or be an all out offensive player and go rampaging through other players land, killing & bribing their staff, and stealing their land for yourself.

Join or form an alliance and develop vast alliance HQs, working with friends to climb to the top... or alternatively play solo and get additional help from automated government defence such as SAS and Riot Police if somebody tries hitting you with a vastly overwhelming force.

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