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ARMA 3 pushes realism into the shooting genre unlike anything we've seen before. With action in the air, underwater, and on land, you'll be sure to get your fix of both realistic ragdoll physics and vehicular destruction. Enter a war between NATO and a unified Middle East as you fight with near futuristic weapons to dominate your foes with superior tactics.


Large Open-World Battlefields: Fight in massive rugged terrain offering plenty of tactical advantages to the team with greater militaristic mindset. With bases that need defending from land, air, and sea, how will your team cope?

Customizable Attachments and Gear: The standard stock futuristic weapons not cutting it for you? Modify your weapons, add a scope, add laser targeting, and just about any other mod you can think of to improve your gameplay.

Weather: Enjoy dynamic environments that change appearance drastically with impressive rain effects, various cloud types, and sound effects to immerse you into the world.

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