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Battlefield Hardline takes war to the urban streets with a "cops and robbers" theme.


Dramatic Single Player: Inspired by television crime dramas, Battlefield Hardline offers a tense single player story.

Thrilling Multiplayer: Choose your side of the law and worth with your team to pull off heists and busts.

Environment Destruction: Shootouts aren't all that Battlefield has to offer; prepare to use explosives and other tools to blow vaults, cars, and more to dust.

Modern Gadgetry: Explore the urban jungle with ziplines, sawed-off shotguns, grappling hooks, tasers, tear gas, and riot shields.


Betrayal - Featuring four new maps (Alcatraz, Cemetary, Chinatown, and Thin Ice), and an assortment of gear.

Criminal Activity - Featuring four new maps (Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat, and Black Friday), Bounty Hunter Mode, and new gear including masks.

Robbery - Featuring four new maps (Precinct 7, The Docks, Museum, and Break Pointe), Squad Heist Mode, and more gear.

Getaway - Featuring four new maps (Pacific Highway, Train Dodge, Double Cross, Diversion), Capture the Bag mode, Legendary Camo and more.

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