Black Desert

Black Desert is an ambitious sandbox MMORPG. The amount of features is quite large; Black Desert offers fluid, action combat to limited, open-world housing, and plenty in between. Players can look forward to plenty to do in the game, with crisp, detailed visuals, and a vibrant, living world.


Sandbox Style play: Imagination is your only limit. Travel the world, trade in the city, or seek out new challenges and new experiences!

Multiple systems: Mounted combat, parkour, weather, time, and more await players. Each of these functions has a different effect for every character.

Open World Housing: In a throwback to games like Ultima Online, player housing will be out in the world itself, and limited numbers of homes will be available.

Open World: Seamless gameplay in a large world is the name of the game in Black Desert. Travel across the globe, without ever seeing a loading screen.

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