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Block N Load is a tactical team-based shooter that blends FPS combat with voxel-style building mechanics. Change the map as you play and devise your own cunning tactics!


Building Blocks for Bullets: Before the match truly begins, take the time to work with your team to build defenses, traps, and strategic points, with blocks that can harm or enemy or even change the map itself.

More than just Guns: Use an assortment of tools including mortars, landmines, bounce pads, turrets, bombs, health and ammo blocks, and more.

Character Variety: A blend of roles for combat, defense, and support offer plenty of options to contribute to a team in the way you want.

Ranked Play: Compete in a tiered ranked play system to prove your merit.

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Game Videos

  • Block N Load Map Editor Introduction

    Block N Load reveals details and showcases tools for the new map editor, which you can use to design and publish your own scenarios!

  • Block N Load Roly Poly – School of Block

    Get the rundown on what Roly Poly brings to the field in his Block N Load School of Block guide.

  • Block N Load Time Assault Mode

    Block N Load introduces a new challenge mode to see if you can get from point A to B in a set time. Sounds simple. Looks challenging.

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