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Blockstorm is a voxel-based 3D shooter, combining the building aspects of Minecraft with environmental destruction and team-based multiplayer deathmatches. The game allows players to build their own avatars and arenas, and then destroy them in widescale firefights.


Create the Environment: Just like any other voxel-based game, players are free to construct their own arenas, characters, and weapons block-by-block. These arenas an then be saved for future play.

Destroy the Environment: Rockets, bullets, bombs, shovels - anything can be used to demolish the environment. Removing supports and pillars will cause rooftops to crash down on your enemies. Use the environment to your advantage.

Team-based Multiplayer: Large teams square off in sprawling, destructible arenas. Multiple game modes available, with more planned for the future.

Vast Arsenal: Players can modify, create, and expand a vast arsenal of weapons, from explosives to sniper rifles. There are plenty of ways to crush your enemies in Blockstorm.

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