Blood Bowl 2

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    Cyanide Studio

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    In Development

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Blood Bowl 2 is an outrageous football game set in a high fantasy world. This gruesome bloodsport version of American football features all manner of fantasy races and themes.


Competitive Sports: Despite its wacky appearance, Blood Bowl 2 has plenty of mechanical and strategic depth behind it. There is plenty of thinking to go along with the action.

Striking Visuals: The game sports a superior visual engine and evocative art design, making it one of the better-looking games in its genre.

Niche Appeal: Blood Bowl 2 is a truly unique title, with no real comparable games to compete with it. In the world of orcs and goblins playing blood football with each other, this game stands alone.

Bone-crunching Action: Blood Bowl 2 has brutal takedowns and violent, action-packed gameplay. While not for the faint of heart, it makes the action hard to look away from.

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  • Blood Bowl 2 Kick-Off Trailer

    Blood Bowl 2 is now in its last stages of production, and will arrive in Spring 2015....

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    A gameplay teaser trailer for Cyanide Studios' upcoming project Blood Bowl 2, a high-fantasy football game....

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