Civilization Online

Civilization Online is an MMORPG from 2K Games and XL Games, continuing on the tradition of Sid Meier's Civilization franchise. Instead of controlling a nation, players create a character and play as a member of their civilization, assisting with resources, building, crafting, expansion, and war. Games are limited to "sessions" in which players compete until one civilization reaches victory.


Be A Part: Civilization Online changes the role of the player, challenging them to make an impact in a short-term sandbox world.

New Journies: Due to an impermanent nature of each session, players will be treated to new random maps each time they join a game session.

Civilization Adaptation: As each civilization explores its world, civilizations will have the option to ally, remain neutral, or go to war with other civilizations - making trade and commerce just as vital as war.

Become a Leader: Aspiring players can take leadership positions (such as a mayor or commander), while other players can watch for corruption and oust poor leaders.

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