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  • Developer:
    Naddic Games

  • Genres:
    Fighting, Free To Play

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Closers: Dimension Conflict is an MORPG developed by Naddic Games and published by Nexon in Korea, Sega in Japan, Megaxus in Indonesia, and soon North America and Europe by En Masse Entertainment. In this action MORPG, players become a "CLOSER," a psychic warrior entrusted with shutting down the dimensional gates of New Seoul, South Korea.


Strong anime influences: With bright visuals and sharp animations, Closers' presentation resembles various kinds of Japanese animation

Fast-paced combat: Perform multi-hit combos, juggle attacks and logic-defying super attacks.

Feature: While heavily focused on co-op, Closers also features a variety of game modes including an MOBA-style PvP battle.

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Game Videos

  • Closers Announcement Trailer

    En Masse announces that Closers, an episodic anime action RPG, will be published in the US.

  • Closers Trailer [Korean]

    Ready for more promotional trailers for Closers, from Nexon? Of course you are!

  • Closers – Tina Release [Official]

    Closers official trailer for Tina is finally here! Check out her moves as she joins the Closers cast!

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