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Creativerse is a free to play sandbox adventure game (with paid Early Access). Explore alone or with friends and discover a beautiful world where there are plenty of secrets to uncover.


Beautiful Worlds: Generate random worlds with high quality graphics and vast environments, including a layered cave system with rare enemies and treasures to discover.

Dangerous Enemies: Master combat skills in new ways, as every enemy has its own special attack to learn and avoid. Strategy is key!

RPG-Style Crafting: Recipe based crafting opens new possibilities, including unlocking and discovering special and rare recipes.

Multiplayer Friendly: Find and connect with your friends on Steam, hop in or out of worlds without needing to set up servers to host them, or even search for open public worlds.

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Game Videos

  • Creativerse Trailer

    Creativerse is as vast as your imagination will allow for, and Early Access comes on May 8th! Want details? Click here!

  • Creativerse — Early Access Trailer 3

    Today we take another look at the Creativerse Early Access, and see just how vast a world is awaiting us!

  • Creativerse Pro Trailer

    Want to step up your Creativerse experience? New DLC on Steam, Creativerse Pro, has more options and gadgets than ever! See full details here.

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