Cyberpunk 2077

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    CD Projekt Red

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The upcoming Cybperunk 2077 title - a highly anticipated, AAA production from the venerable RPG makers at CD Projekt Red. At this stage, the game is still largely under wraps, but it's speculated to be some form of RPG.


Cyberpunk Setting: A richly detailed world in the traditional Cyberpunk sci-fi setting, largely in the style of an 80's dystopian retro-future.

AAA Production: Building on the success of the Witcher series, CD Projekt Red is making Cyberpunk 2077 a strong title, with the budget of a AAA feature.

Multiplayer: Mutliplayer's true nature is speculative at this point, but it is confirmed to be included in the game's final release.

Customization: Character customization will be intimately tied to gameplay, and cybernetic enhancements will open up a whole new realm of accessorizing.

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