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Destiny is an action game from the creators of the Halo series, set in a mysterious future. Create a unique and powerful character, customize the way you look and fight, and explore the frontiers of lost worlds.

Note: This is a buy-to-play retail game.


Shared-world shooter: Destiny is first and third-person shooter that will incorporate MMO elements.

Community spaces: Join up with players in open safe zones where you can socialize, gather and rearm before heading out on your next journey.

The Frontier: Explore the remains of an abandoned Earth and travel as far as the reaches of the Moon, Mars or Venus.

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Game Videos

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    A Fireteam heads out on a road trip across the Solar System to fight and become legends....

  • Official Destiny Planet View Trailer

    Destiny reveals it will allow players to explore its worlds through a website that works similarly to Google Street View....

  • Destiny Launch Trailer

    Destiny arrives in mere weeks. Get excited....

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