Divinity: Dragon Commander

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Divinity Dragon Commander takes your standard RTS elements and puts you at the top of a massive empire bent on world domination. Rally the various racial factions under your banner, acquire powerful cards to influence the tides of war, and blow the winds of war into your favor by any means necessary.


Multiplayer RTS/Turn-Based Elements: Take on fellow Dragon Commanders to test your militaristic leadership in Risk-styled gameplay combined with RTS battlefields.

The Mothership - Raven: Discuss political issues of the day, plan research and upgrades, and meet with your generals in dynamic and randomized events between battles that will test your political prowess and garner you favors that may be the deciding factor in your quest for world domination... or your downfall.

Turn-Based World Map - Manage your empire from a national scale, ordering troop engagement, setting factory queues, accessing parliament, spending gold, and playing cards to improve the chances in your coming engagements.

RTS Battlefield: Engage in one of many maps in up to four player skirmishes to gain control of new territory and bolster your empire's revenue and resources. Events played out in the turn-based world map offer various advantages and disadvantages making prior planning vital. And when the chips are down, unleash your dragon form to take on a FPS style king piece as you personally blast your enemy's units from your path.

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