Drift City Re-Review: Cell Shaded Awesomeness


Drift City now owned by Games Campus is a Cell Shaded Online racing game combined with RPG elements. Its unique play style gives it variety while still maintaining the racing game element. Drift City is also known as Skid Rush in Korea. Drift City offers a lot of unique content, some of which are: Leveling up your character, customizing vehicles, racing with other players, doing missions, and doing quests, a delivery service, instances and much more.

Drift City Now Live at GamesCampus


Online game publisher, GamesCampus.com, announced today that it has taken over service of and officially launched the popular racing MMORPG, Drift City, on its GamesCampus servers.  The servers that Drift City was previously hosted on have now closed so the only place the new version of the popular racing MMORPG can be downloaded and played is at GamesCampus.

Drift City Review

REVIEW Drift City is a fuel-heavy racing MMO released by ijji. It features clean cell-shaded graphics and an overall enjoyable experience to anyone who enjoys racing games. Drift City, known as Skid Rush in Korea, takes place in the somewhat near future, during a worldwide oil shortage.
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