Dynasty Warriors 9

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    3D Historical, Fantasy

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Dynasty Warriors 9 is a "one versus one-thousand" action RPG taking place in an open-world China. Follow the Yellow Turban Rebellion and eradicate wave after wave of armies as a lone warrior on the battlefield. Available for PlayStation 4.


Traveler: Explore and progress through various areas including snow plains, jungles, and deserts as well as landmarks like Mt. Song and the Yellow River.

Art of War: Employ varying strategies such as infiltrating at night, attacking head on, or surprising from above.

Bow Before Me: Effortlessly mow down enemies with flowing attacks and devastating environment interaction.

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Game Videos

  • Dynasty Warriors 9 – Additional Scenarios Pack Teaser

    The Additional Scenarios Pack for Dynasty Warriors 9 comes out on tomorrow (6/28) and this teaser highlights the characters Yuan Shu, Xiahouji, Hua Xiong a

  • Dynasty Warriors 9 – Launch Trailer

    It's almost time! Tomorrow is the official release of Dynasty Warriors 9 for PS4, XBox One and Steam! An open-world version of China awaits.

  • Dynasty Warriors 9 – Opening Trailer

    Dynasty Warriors 9 is launching on February 13th 2018, but we wish it would get here just a little bit faster...

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