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EVE Online is a free-to-play sci-fi MMO available on Steam for PC and Mac that is set in a science-fiction based, persistent world. Players take the role of spaceship pilots seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy. When EVE was released in May 2003, about half of these systems were available for exploration, enabling players to more easily establish "hot spots" - centralized locations for trade, commerce and combat – based on their activities. As the population in EVE grows, more systems are made available to avoid overcrowding.


Choose Your PvP Playstyle: Join up with an alliance or faction or live as a pirate, fighting only with your interests at hear.

Star Gate Exploration: Utilize the star gate network to travel to over 5000 different systems. You never know what might await you on the other side!

Ship Customization: Select your ship from hundreds of different models, each of which can be customized to your liking. Find your perfect ship to take over galaxies with!

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