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From stone to space - prepare to build your own city in Forge of Empires. This browser-based strategy MMO challenges players to build a small village in the Stone Age up through the ages of history, expanding their power through land, armies, and technology. Encourage your population to grow, produce goods and services, and expand from a small village to an expansive empire.


Single-player campaign: A full campaign awaits all players who want to explore the world and expand their power over an entire continent.

Multiple Eras: Begin in an early age, and research new technology that will change the way your town looks, and make you more powerful. Research grants access to more advanced units, rare goods, and more.

City Development:
You have the freedom to create your city, down to the very streets and decorations. Design your city to your liking, or to maximize efficiency.

Turn-Based Battles: Challenge the computer or others to duals in hex-grid, turn-based battles where terrain makes a difference. Control each unit individually, or let the game take over for a while.

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