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Forsaken World is a new 3D fantasy MMORPG that breaks new ground by bringing together the best of eastern and western cultures.

Discover a world named Eyrda. It was a bleak place with only a giant tree stretching from the sky to the land. In the beginning of this world only two gods existed, Dyos and Nyos. They were the rulers of all.
Dyos discovered a giant star-wheel on top of the tree, and within it were countless sparkling stars. To his surprise, Dyos saw that these were portratures of the gods! He not only found his own images on it, he also found the likeness of Nyos and many other gods.
Each of the races on Eyrda had a unique beginning, as they were created by the children of Dyos. Dwarves, Humans, Elves and Stonemen each had their own function to fulfill for the gods.
The first war of the Greats began when Mylvada, a third ancient god, was not welcomed into the world. War broke out in the northern lands of Norta, lasting for one hundred years. In the end Mylvada failed, retreating, and Norta sunk back into the sea.
After a thousand years Mylvada came back with a cunning plan and created Shylia, the most beautiful woman ever and he gave her eternal life, leaving some power in her body. Over her beautfy a second war broke out.
Shylia fell in love with a common human, Herghevid. In order to live with her lover forever, Shylia drained Herghevid's blood from his body using the Mythic Embrace, infused his blood with godly essences, and then poured it back into his body. This made Herghevid both immortal and powerful. Herghevid became the first of the raced called the Kindred, and through his bloodline the Kindred race grew.

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