Ghost Recon Phantoms

Ghost Recon Phantoms brings the tactical methodical combat Tom Clancy games are famous for to a F2P PC audience. Join up with friends and coordinate a united assault utilizing some of the world’s most advanced weaponry to overcome your foes in a FPS unlike any you’ve ever played for free before.


Become the Ultimate Ghost: Level-up through combat, upgrade your gear, and customize your skills and equipment to make your ultimate ghost, the way you want it to be.

Class-Based Combat: Play as one of three classes of soldier: Assault, Support, or Recon. Each has unique abilities and specializes in certain weapon types, giving them their own strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield.

Challenging Modes: Battle in the tug-of-war style Conquest, the attack and defend Onslaught, or the control and capture Holdout.

Unique Match Making: Matches are created with an incredibly intuitive system that ensures players are matched with the best ping, the closest skill levels, and gear weightage. Players can choose their class after a match is found to improve squad composition.

Upgradeable Equipment: Authentic contemporary and advanced military technology is available for you to use and upgrade, with attachments that include silencers, laser sights, and inserts for armor that boost your stats.

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