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Think of girls carrying big swords and swinging them around like toothpicks, of archers that shoot more than 3 arrows in one shot, or of mages summoning meteors that came out of nowhere, hell bent on blowing the air out of you.

Sounds like one of those anime show’s you get to watch on the TV right? Well, this is but a glimpse of the characters you get to choose from Ntreev’s beat ‘em up MMO, Grand Chase.


Over A Dozen Characters: Seventeen characters currently fill the roster of Grand Chase, each with their own set of skills and jobs. While five are available from the start, more must be unlocked.

Action-Packed Combat: Get into the action with a keyboard-centric combo system that will keep your fingrs flying while you chain attacks and unleash hell.

Competitive: Distinctt PvP modes featuring up to six knights at once will have you honing your skills.

More than One Way To Dungeon: In addition to battling through dungeons alone or with friends, players can also battle in the Relay dungeon and special events!

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  • mustafa231

    no cool games.
    and go viring games
    go : Begone games. -_-

  • jin

    grand chase is a good game to play and there a nice small community for people who like to be in a small group.