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Guild Wars 2 continues the expansive story set forth in the original Guild Wars game series. Like the original, Guild Wars 2 requires a purchase of the original game to play, but does not require a subscription fee.


Constantly Changing World: As the world experiences dynamic events in each zone and world-wide, based on the actions and activity of players and regularly occuring story events.

Action-Oriented Combat: Fast-paced combat requires attacking on the move, dodging enemy attacks, and tactical combat in real time against enemies great and small.

Personal Story: Each character has its own story, determined by player choices throughout the span of their character's lives.

Competitive Play: Multiple player versus player options keep the competition of the original strong, as players participate in small objective-based battlegrounds or enormous World versus World wars as servers compete for glory.

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Game Articles

  • Pathog3n

    4.5? But this game sucks.

  • pat

    this game is great! its completely original. finally a game thats not exactly like every other rpg plus its amazing and fun.

  • mihog

    this game fucking suck I got to 80 and then after realizing how shitty end game is I quit

  • besodelpayaso