Interstellar Marines

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    Zero Point Software

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Interstellar Marines is a co-operative first person shooter featuring persistent character development and skills.  It provides players with open ended gameplay and non-linear levels to explore, which range from space stations to planet surfaces.  Interstellar Marines focuses heavily on the narrative, letting all four players in a game feel like they're driving the story forward.  Customization is also tantamount, as players are free to customize their equipment freely, letting you stand out from your peers.


Heavy Realism:  Interstellar Marines puts gameplay, graphics, and story as equals.  As equals, they are all top notch.  Experience the riveting story with up to four people per game, or experience it in single player modes.

Customization:  Interstellar Marines maintains persistent character data, allowing you to develop your skills as you need them.  You're also free to customize your equipment to match your tastes!

Interactive Environments:  Whether you're scouring the halls of a space station, or trekking the surface of a planet, Interstellar Marines gives full interactivity in the worlds around you.

Non-linear Gameplay:  Experience the game how you want to!  Being open ended invites many different opportunities to try new things, explore areas in a different fashion, and play the game in your own, unique style.

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