Journey to the West International

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    XiaoYou Information Tech Co. Ltd.

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Journey to the West International is a free to play MMORPG based on the well-known epic of the same name. The game involves players directly in the storyline, and includes a unique psyche combat system that allows players to take the form of the elements and a transformation system with dozens of forms to change into.


Dozens of Transformations: Discover 72 transformations, each with their own unique abilities to power your gameplay.

Four classes: Play as magical Naga, dark and deadly Netherease, mystical Kitsune, or warrior Asura.

Psyche System: Morph into different forms to enhance your skills - from Karmic Fire, Dark Ice, Thunder, Mountain Peak, Judge, Nature, and Wraith.

Social Play: Join Alliances to participate in special activities, enter instances, and more!

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